If you think “it’s not worth it”

Oct 19, 2020 | Lifestyle, Mind

When you get an invitation to try something new, a new breath work, a guided meditation, a morning ritual, a nature walk, a radically simple idea that you perceive to have possibly even minuscule effects on your body and your overall health–what do you think? Do you even give it a chance?

Maybe a fleeting moment where you think–if I do, do that, “I would be ______” “my life would ________!” “__________ would be better!” And then it passes, going back into the abyss of potential. OR maybe you try it once, feels really good. But then you feel silly or stupid because it’s too simple and it’s not normal.

I just simply want to point out that the people who DO try, who put a tiny bit of effort towards the simplicity that modern neuroscience says makes massive changes in our human existence and experience–are often thriving and living a very full life. The people who are applying these simple ideas, practice and strategies are often feeling abundance, joy and gratitude each and every day. (I’m not saying these things are *all* that they experience, that’s not how being human works.)

What does living a full life mean?

It’s not full in a sense of longevity or timing, or even the amount of things packed into a day, week or year. FULL in a sense of fulFILLment, of a joyFUL experience because they’re making choices that benefit them and put their Self first. Doing the simple things leads those who apply to Be, just Be.

Doing the simple things can have unending/ unlimited potential for possible effects on your life–from quieting the chatter of your mind, to sleeping more restfully, to having zest for your life, your days & your living all-together.

Those weirdos doing these things are experiencing some aspects of life that you can too. Give yourself the opportunity to thrive by deciding to do something for your Self that feels “weird”, new or even pointless. Give it a genuine chance….. Would you?


The proof is in the puddin’ people. Just look how BlissFULL those “weirdos” are.