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To thrive in a community that sustains optimal health.

Dr. Keri

I grew up in Morgantown, WV in a big family where we played hard and often. I loved competition and sports which led me to a college where I played 4 years of basketball and earned a degree in Exercise Science with minors in Health & Athletic Training. Sports is what drove me.

I learned about chiropractic and its philosophy that healing comes from with-IN us—that our bodies are innately designed to function and heal at their optimum. From a perspective of performance, I thought “Wow, this will really give athletes the edge AND it’s the least invasive approach around.” This all made perfect sense to me so I ended up in Dallas, TX where I finished my DC at Parker University.

I now see a scope wayyyy larger than human performance in sport & competition. I see a potential to help ALL human performance. From helping mothers be their best to kids growing & developing at their best, athletes functioning optimally & just overall, maximizing the in-born potential we have all inherited from the human race.

I believe with chiropractic and living at a higher level of function, our community will expand in kindness, love and humanness. We will be happier, healthier and have abundant energy. Steamboat will be buzzin’ even louder than it already is.

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man outside with snow and mountains

Dr. Kevin

I have wanted to become a chiropractor since the 7th grade and love the profession more and more every day. I grew up here in Steamboat Springs and share the passion for the outdoors that many others do in this community. I became a chiropractic patient at a local chiropractic center during high school and was adjusted before every football game. It increased my performance and was a big part of my game.

After enrolling in the Sustainability program at Colorado Mountain College, I transitioned to Davenport, Iowa to complete graduate school at Palmer College of Chiropractic. I have completed internships in Illinois, Colorado, and at a Naval Air Station in California.
There is no greater joy than bringing a smile to someone’s face. It is important to be positive and help other people be positive. Chiropractors have the opportunity to befriend the people who walk through their door, they are not just simply patients who come and go. I don’t want to help people through a computer, I want to be able to help someone face to face and improve their life.

I have chosen chiropractic because it still amazes me every day that an adjustment can relieve pain, strengthen the body’s ability to heal, and provide dramatic, positive changes in daily living.

I know a secret that I can’t keep to myself and I can’t wait to continue sharing it with everyone I meet. Through chiropractic I hope to always advance my knowledge of the body and be able to pass that information on to those around me. My drive to provide chiropractic care stems from my desire to learn and perfect the knowledge passed onto me so I can bring that knowledge forward to better the lives of others.


Lauren is excited to be a part of the Thrival Mode team! Her background is primarily in outdoor education and program management, working with youth and young adults in the outdoors.

She grew up in the hills of Pennsylvania where she developed a love for the environment and earned her Bachelors of Arts degree in Secondary Earth Science Education from the University of Delaware. Throughout her time in school, she spent her summers and breaks teaching environmental education in Delaware, New York, Alaska and Tennessee before calling Colorado home. In 2013, Lauren moved to Steamboat Springs to participate in an AmeriCorps term of service in the Steamboat Springs Middle School through Partners in Routt County. Steamboat drew her in and she then worked for Rocky Mountain Youth Corps in various seasonal capacities before accepting a position as the Regional Youth Program Manager in 2015. While in this role, Lauren worked to build community partnerships across Northwest Colorado to create locally-based youth corps programs for teens in rural communities across the region. In addition, Lauren is a certified Wilderness First Responder and is a Wilderness First Aid instructor for Desert Mountain Medicine based out of Leadville, CO.

Lauren became a practice member at Thrival Mode in 2018 and is eager to join Dr. Kevin and Dr. Keri in cultivating wellness and overall heath in the Yampa Valley. In her free time, she can be found spending time with family, climbing, trail running, identifying cool rocks or playing overly complicated board games.

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