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What to expect at our office

During your initial consultation and evaluation, we will spend up to 60 minutes with you. Your experience includes an opportunity to authentically connect with someone who cares about your health concerns and goals, a comprehensive history and nervous system analysis to determine the underlying root cause of your concerns.

Root cause of your symptoms

This first visit in our office is by far the longest. We want to get to know you, hear what you need, what your expectations are and find out how we can best serve you by coming up with your personal wellness plan. We want to uncover what the root cause of your symptoms are so that we are truly helping you reach a higher potential.

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Individualized care plan

During your second visit, we will go over the findings from your evaluation and health assessment. We will share with you an individualized care plan, specifically designed to deliver your desired outcome. If warranted, you will receive your first adjustment.