Your Connective Tissues

Oct 14, 2020 | Chiropractic, Mind

Our connective tissues don’t get the love they deserve–literally and figuratively. Your skin, your blood, your fascial system are all connective tissues. You know that white stuff you see when you peel and orange or a grapefruit… your body has a similar tissue between all of your muscles large and small. It’s much stronger and holds tons of neurological cells as well–that is your fascia.

These tissues specifically hold a lot of your life experiences right in their very fibers. Have you ever heard the saying, “your issues are in your tissues”? I’ve been studying this for nearly ten years and have has many teachers, mentors and books confirm this. Countless studies and support for this exist. (A great book is Molecules of Emotion by Candice Pert).

Our emotions and feelings–not released–hugely impact the make-up of our Being. [body] At some point we need to own up to what we haven’t done for ourselves and do it because we know, deep down, it is what we need. Taking a break from life-(work, parenting, playing, etc.) for five minutes to breathe. (Yes, you read that right, just to breathe.) That five minutes will have resounding impacts for your body and your connective tissue. Medical Pharmaceutical science tells you that you shouldn’t be in pain, that you shouldn’t ill. That they have the to fix… the pill!!

Quantum science and vitalism (a ‘for life’ belief system/science) actually give you the opportunity to hear what those pains/ills are telling you.

If your care came up with a big blaring flashing light with a loud signal on the dash saying that something is wrong, you wouldn’t ignore it or say that it wasn’t worth looking into. You likely wouldn’t put a bandaid of a piece of duct tape over top of the light and disconnect the fuse for the alarm. —Yet, honestly, do you do this with your body?

People do it all. the. time. I used to do this all. the. time! It’s a journey to exploring where and why those lights are flashing and that siren is blaring (pain & symptoms). Yet uncovering the depths of the causes is liberating and deeply healing.

Rather than continuing to ignore the signs that something is wrong, you’re invited to begin to inquire why something is wrong.

It’s funny that a car, made by people, sets off an alarm/engine lights and we believe the warning signal. We are taught and learn what to do and how to resolve the problem. Truly looking for the root cause and not just turning off the warning light. Then, when it comes to our miraculous human body, made by an intelligent, creative force, we think “it” is the problem. Theres something wrong with my (insert body part name).

Again, that vitalistic perspective looks at the entire system of the body as globally functioning, opposed to a bucket of parts (western, pharmaceutical science). What is the whole of information coming into your Being [body]. How are your thoughts, your actions, your environment, your relationships, your values? Existing out of alignment with your Self brings about warning mechanisms. I invite you to look at your whole Self for information that may serve you. Your connective tissues are a great place to start. Are they tight, tense, painful. What if you give them some love by foam rolling, stretching or moving differently? What kind of emotions emerge as you tune in? How can you move that around and pass it through those tissues maybe even converting it to usable energy for yourself?

Consider that your current belief system/ paradigm–what you’ve been taught, led to believe, or thought to be true about your body, mind & spirit could all be DEAD WRONG.